Youth and Teens Cautioned to “ThinkFirst”!

On September 11th, the ONSF ThinkFirst Foundation presented ThinkFirst! For Youth & Teens—Use Your Mind to Protect Your Body to over 200 members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich.

Scott Simon, MD, MPH, a neurosurgeon and director of the ThinkFirst ONSF program delivered the talk. Dr. Simon specializes in the treatment of spinal disorders including operative and non-operative treatment of scoliosis and regularly treats patients with concussions from sports injuries and other causes.

The program focused on keeping students injury-free by emphasizing skills to withstand peer pressure, develop decision-making abilities and build a confident self-image. Discussions included vehicle safety — the importance of wearing your seatbelt and the danger of texting while driving; bicycle safety including the importance of wearing a helmet; sports and recreational safety and violence prevention.

The many questions asked and the lively exchange of ideas demonstrated that the information presented was well received by the audience.

The Boys & Girls Club expressed their appreciation with the following statement: “Thank you to ONSF for running an injury prevention seminar for our members. . . community partnerships with organizations such as ONSF are part of the many ways we help provide safety education for our members.”

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