The ONS Foundation is dedicated to developing, validating, formalizing, and disseminating the latest advances in surgical techniques, rehabilitation protocols and clinical outcomes in orthopedics and neurosurgery to improve patient care on regional and national level.

At some point in all surgeons’ careers, we have an idea on how to improve or make a surgical procedure better than the current standard. The real challenge is to articulate and execute these ideas. Because we believe that this is an important part of the ONS Foundation’s work, we have created the think tank in which weakness and limitations in current surgical care can be identified. These same ideas can be openly discussed and solutions developed. The exciting part that follows the conception is the execution. Once we decide what area to study, we present the proposal to the GH IRB (Institutional Review Board at Greenwich Hospital) for review. At the beginning of the project, work starts on cadavers in the lab, where data is collected over the next year. When we determine that it works, we are able to safely apply it to patients. We revisit the patients one or two years after their surgery and compare our outcomes against the existing normative outcomes. After two to three years of study, we make the submission and await publication.

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