Community Outreach

Avoiding Risks

The ONS Foundation injury prevention seminars and programs are not limited to sports injuries. Average adults and the elderly experience several risk factors in daily life that can result in injury. With this in mind the orthopedics and neurosurgeons at ONSF developed programs that address the specific needs of the aging population.

Understanding the causes, prevention, treatment and management of osteoporosis is vital to discussions during these seminars. Topics include bone anatomy, fracture prevention exercises that promote bone health, measures to promote strong bones and, of course, personal risk factors. Dr. Steven Hindman, orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Judith Goldberg Berman, endocrinologist, lead discussions that educate participants.

Can you prevent a fall? With proper conditioning for balance, falls can be prevented or injuries that result from a fall can be less serious. Without a doubt, maintaining good balance is key to good health. We must also recognize contributing factors such as uneven flooring, scatter rugs, poorly lit stairs, and, of course, ice and snow.

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