At ONSF, mentorship is an integral component of the training experience and is considered the lifeline of medical teaching at every level. The onsite Arthroscopy, Surgical Skills and Biomechanical Research Laboratory serves as an education facility. Utilized by international surgical fellows, pre-med candidates, college students and high school juniors and seniors, the Lab complements the ONSF Education Conference for medical professionals.

Our education strategies include a Research and Summer Internship Programs, Neurosurgery Clinical Internship, annual Mini-Med School, International Fellowship Training, Visiting Observational Shoulder and Sports Fellowship and the ONSF Annual Medical Education Conference held each fall.

ONSF College Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Internship Opportunities

  • Summer Internship — 8 to 10 weeks, starting in June each year
  • Neurosurgery Clinical Internship — 6 weeks starting in June each year
  • Full-Year Post-Graduate Program — 9 to 12 months, starting in September each year
  • Winter Shadowing Experience — 2 weeks, starting in January each year

Students applying for an intern position at ONSF should be organized, self-motivated critical thinkers interested in a career in medicine.

Through the ONSF Internship and Post-Graduate programs, students will work closely with surgeons and physiatrists on a variety of projects regarding risk identification and injury prevention, rehabilitation and return to sports, shoulder surgery and guidelines for pain management, and more. These projects involve everything from hands-on lab work to poster design, literature review and study recruitment – utilizing and developing a diverse skillset through industrious experience.

In addition, all positions will have opportunities to shadow in the Greenwich and Harrison clinics of ONS, as well as observe surgeries at Greenwich Hospital and Stamford Ambulatory Surgery Center. Students may follow ONS staff through their daily patient visits learning about diagnoses, healthcare deliberations and ultimate treatment options.

At ONSF the primary goal is to provide a complete view of medicine through firsthand experience and relevant clinical research, while developing the requisite professional skills.

How to Apply

To be considered for a Summer Internship, Neurosurgery Clinical Internship, Full-Year Post-Graduates Program, please send a copy of your CV and a personal statement after JANUARY 1, 2024 for an April 1st deadline to Susan Plant, Director ONSF at

Research Interns

L to R - Chrissy Conroy, Taylor Dunstan and Jackie Fox

L to R – Chrissy Conroy, Taylor Dunstan and Jackie Fox

Since the completion of the Arthroscopy, Surgical Skills and Biomechanical Research Laboratory, we have accepted interns into the research program and have provided experiences that have been worthwhile for them and invaluable to our research studies.

Upon college graduation, many students pursue a post graduate year to finalize and strengthen their application to medical school. As ONSF interns, these students work with a surgeon, actively participate in research project development as well as execution of manuscript development.

Research Intern, Chrissy Conroy explained, “My experience far exceeded my expectations…I did not anticipate being part of the whole process.” She went on to say that “…there are so many options in the field of orthopedics;…therefore, I realized you must care for each patient, not just their injury.”

Summer Interns

Each summer, college sophomores and juniors join us in short term research mentee positions. This is a pivotal experience for those students who are considering a career in medicine and would like to observe medical practices first hand and for those others who would like to enhance their applications to medical school. Before completing a research project, each student is assigned a mentor, participates in laboratory dissections and attends a conference twice a week. Intern Samantha Hill wrote, “The real-life medical experiences…not only reaffirmed my desire to pursue a medical degree, but it also provided me with an invaluable insight into possible career options as an orthopedic surgeon…”

Mini Med School

Dr. Mark Vitale with Mini-Med School Students

Dr. Mark Vitale with Mini-Med School Students

The ONSF Annual Mini-Med School program includes 16 high school students representing area schools listed below. Each student exhibits an interest in a career in medicine or is enrolled in a STEM program.

ONS physicians welcome the students to the ONSF Arthroscopy, Surgical Skills and Biomechanical Research Lab and for one week provide the ultimate “hands-on” experience. Students attend and participate in lectures and workshops such as casting, suturing, fluoroscopy and operating room procedures. Mini-Med School at the ONSF Lab creates an amazing mentor/student event that has the potential to change a young person’s life. From student, Alyssa Gerasimoff: “I would like to thank you once again for the amazing mini-med school experience. I learned so many cool things and I was truly inspired to pursue a future in the orthopedic field.”

Mini-Med School Selection Process

During the month of March, ONSF sends a request to the Heads of the Science Departments at various high schools to submit names and resumes of 4 students whom, in their opinion, demonstrate a sincere interest in science or medicine. Students should be rising sophomores or juniors. Deadline for submission is May 1st.

ONSF Mini-Med School Chairs review and evaluate the applications and ultimately award this unique opportunity to a final class size of 16 students. The program takes place the last week of June each year.

Below are the high schools currently solicited. If you do not see your high school listed, please indicate your interest by sending the name of your school and Head of the Science Department to We will add it to the list of schools to be contacted. Applicants are only considered via recommendation of Science Department Heads.

  • Blind Brook High School
  • Brunswick High School
  • Fusion Academy
  • Greenwich Academy
  • Greenwich High School
  • King School
  • Mamaroneck High School
  • New Canaan High School
  • Newtown High School
  • Poly Prep
  • Rye Country Day
  • Sacred Heart Greenwich
  • St. Luke’s School
  • Stamford High School

International Fellows

ONSF has an international following that attracts orthopedic surgeons seeking advanced training. Groups of visiting surgeons work alongside ONS physicians on improving surgical skills and developing new techniques in hip, shoulder and knee procedures. We have welcomed fellows from Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Austria and Beijing.

Visiting surgeons from Sweden and Germany, pictured below, came to ONSF to study sports injuries with Dr. Sethi and Dr. Greene.

L to R – Dr. Michael Glanzmann from Sweden, Dr. Tim Green, ONS Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Bilal Farouk El-Zayat from Germany and ONSF President Dr. Paul Sethi.

L to R – Dr. Michael Glanzmann from Sweden, Dr. Tim Green, ONS Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Bilal Farouk El-Zayat from Germany and ONSF President Dr. Paul Sethi.


ONSF President Dr. Paul Sethi on left with visiting AGA Fellows from Germany – Dr. Hossam El-Azab, Dr. Christian Jung, Dr. Maurice Balke

ONSF President Dr. Paul Sethi on left with visiting AGA Fellows from Germany – Dr. Hossam El-Azab, Dr. Christian Jung, Dr. Maurice Balke

Medical Education Conference

In the fall of each year, ONSF welcomes medical professionals to the Annual Medical Education Conference.

The continuing education, fully accredited course is underwritten by an anonymous donor and takes place at Greenwich Hospital in the Noble Auditorium.


Dr. Mark Vitale, Conference Co-Chair, welcomes attendees

The event is attended by physicians, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers.

Topics studied have included ACL Injuries and Prevention, Replacement Parts, Adolescent and Pediatric Issues, the Aging Athlete and Musculoskeletal Issues in Females. The programs review musculoskeletal injury, non-operative and operative procedures, management of soft tissue injury and various treatment techniques.

All conference presentations are videotaped and are available on the ONSF website.

Videos Categorized by Presentation Topic
Videos Categorized by Conference Year


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