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Surgical Guides

  1. Sethi P, Williams S. (2022, November 12). Patient Guide to Tearing of the Shoulder Labrum. ONSF Medical Education Conference, Greenwich, CT, United States.
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  2. Sethi P, Williams S. (2023, April 27). Knotless Remplissage. Orthobullets.
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    A surgical video designed to show surgeons the knotless anchor technique of a remplissage for shoulder instability.
  3. Sethi P, Williams S. (2023, April 27). Anterior Cable Reconstruction. Orthobullets.
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  4. Loop N’ Tack Tenodesis
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    A surgical video for orthopedic surgeons explaining the technique of Loop & Tack, a specific biceps tenodesis procedure. The video was presented at the OTIF conference in Naples, Florida.

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