The ONSF/Norwalk Community College Partnership continues for the 9th year!

On April 6th and again on April 27th, ONSF welcomed Norwalk Community College Physical Therapy Assistant students. The course provided by ONSF, entitled “Observation of Upper and Lower Extremity Dissection with Clinical Instruction,” took place at the ONSF Arthroscopy Surgical Skills and Biomechanical Research Lab. Dr. Aversano and Dr. Pao provided the hands-on experience with details of surgical procedures. The students enhanced their education by exploring the anatomy first-hand instead of learning only through textbooks.

The students shared thoughts of their experience below:

“The doctor brought us very in depth with the upper extremity where we saw ligaments that we had only seen in textbooks. He was also very detailed and well versed on conditions of the hand and their etiologies making things a bit more memorable, rather than just seeing a drawn picture on a power point slide.”
“My favorite was actually seeing everything in front of my eyes rather than just being used to seeing a plastic model in the lab.”
“Using a model in class to study is a good reference; however, this experience really has opened my eyes. I feel as though this brought me closer and having a deeper passion for becoming a PTA due to the fact that I can physically see what, for example, osteoarthritis can do to the knee or shoulder.”