ONSF Mini-Med School Returns for 2021

From June 28th to July 1st, 9 students from 7 high schools had the “ultimate” hands-on experience in the world of medicine, while attending the 8th ONSF Mini-Med School program. A typical Mini-Med School class consists of 16 students, but due to COVID19 concerns the number attending this year was reduced.  Schools represented included Sacred Heart Greenwich, New Canaan High School, Greenwich Academy, St. Luke’s School, Greenwich High School, Stamford High School and Hopkins School.

Mini-Med School took place at the ONSF Arthroscopy, Surgical Skills and Biomechanical Research Lab at 6 Greenwich Office Park in Greenwich, CT.  A series of labs, hands-on activities, lectures and surgical simulations were featured. Students learned first-hand from orthopedic and neurosurgical physicians, physical therapists, OR/education specialists and radiologists not only about musculoskeletal disorders but also more broadly about a career in medicine. Students participated in hands-on workshops including casting, suturing, scrubbing, the operating room environment, and ultrasound.  Physicians who willing gave of their time participate in the program included Drs. Marc Kowalsky, Demetris Delos, Steven Hindman, Jonathan Berliner, Kevin Choo, Tim Greene, Katie Vadasdi, Mark Vitale, Matthew Cantlon, Alex Levchenko and Kapil Desai.  Other instructors included Colleen Bisaccio, DPT and Rey Delacruz, OR Nurse and Education Specialist.

During the school year, ONSF reaches out to the Head of the Science Departments at various high schools requesting they submit the names and resumes of 4 students whom in their opinion demonstrate a sincere interest in science or medicine. Students recommended should be rising sophomores or juniors. The ONSF Mini-Med School Chairs review and evaluate the applications and ultimately award this unique opportunity to a final class size of 16 students.

Mini-Med School at the ONSF Lab, offered at no cost to the student, creates an amazing mentor/student event that has the potential to change a young person’s life.


Student comments:

“Thank you for continuing the program during COVID. I had an amazing experience! I really loved the unique labs and lectures.” 

“I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity and unforgettable experience to come to ONSF mini med school. It was such a wonderful and impactful experience and I learned so much about the field of medicine. All the doctors were so warm and enthusiastic and I know this will help me so much as I navigate finding my career path. Thank you so much once again!” 

“Overall this was such a wonderful experience!  I learned a lot and the hands-on labs were very fun.  The doctors were also amazing and so enthusiastic.”