Conference Preview: The Female Athlete Triad

Gloria Cohen

Gloria Cohen

Gloria Cohen, MD will address The Female Athlete Triad at the 6th Annual ONSF Medical Education Conference on Saturday, November 8th. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, radiologists, sports medicine specialists, physiatrists and physical therapists will present topics related to treatment of musculoskeletal issues unique to females

Q. Is it okay if I miss my menstrual period when I am training hard?

“First thing to check if you have missed a period is whether or not you are pregnant.  If you are not pregnant, then the answer to your question would depend upon how many periods you miss. Missing more than 6 consecutive periods, or having less than 4 periods in a year, can negatively impact your bone health and leave you more susceptible to sustaining a stress fracture.  The absence of monthly periods, known as “amenorrhea” can be a result of insufficient nutrient and caloric intake for training, which can also impact health and sport performance.  These 3 inter-related components – menstrual periods, bone health, and nutrition – are the three elements of “The Female Athlete Triad”.

The 6th Annual ONSF Medical Education Conference will focus on treatment of musculoskeletal issues unique to females. Keynote speaker Joan Lunden, renowned author, journalist and TV host, will share her perspectives on women’s health.