Safe Swimming – Injury Prevention Talk for Boys & Girls Club Greenwich

On Tuesday, December 10th ONSF presented a seminar entitled Safe Swimming — Injury Prevention and Safe Conditioning to the aquatics team of the Boys and Girls Club Greenwich. The presentations were given by Marc Kowalsky, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist and Alicia Hirscht, DPT, Physical Therapist.

The seminar addressed the most common swimming injuries, best techniques for treating common injuries and smart tips for safe swimming. Proper exercises and techniques for safe conditioning were demonstrated.

Swimming is an individual or team racing sport that requires the use of one’s entire body to move through water. As with all sports, it is not acceptable to swim just to swim. In order to prevent overuse injury and pain, it is important to engage in a regular conditioning program.

Participants were given a conditioning program to take home along with resistance bands.