Conference Preview: Treatment of Bunions
Posted On: Thursday, October 16, 2014

ONS Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Sean Peden, MD will address the treatment of bunions at the 6th Annual ONSF Medical Education Conference on Saturday, November 8th. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, radiologists, sports medicine specialists, physiatrists and physical therapists will present topics related to treatment of musculoskeletal issues unique to females.

A bunion, or hallux valgus, is a common cause of both deformity and pain in the feet. Many different things are called bunions: arthritic spurs, calluses, cysts, and gouty crystal deposits. A true bunion is not a growth or bone spur. A true bunion is caused by misalignment of the bones in the feet. And the problems bunions cause are not just limited to the apparent bump – they can lead to arthritis, pain in the other toes, and even dislocation of the toe joints.

When a bunion becomes painful or disruptive it should not be ignored. The most common treatment is accommodation of the bunion, with shoe inserts or orthotics, modification of shoe wear, and other accessories that decrease the irritation caused by a bunion. None of these treatments can fix a bunion.

Surgery for bunions is reserved for cases that cause significant pain or discomfort affecting the quality of life that fail to improve with simple measures. There is no one perfect surgery for a bunion. Surgery is tailored to the patient’s severity, lifestyle, and expectations. In all cases, simply shaving down the prominent bone is not a satisfactory treatment. Realignment of the involved bones is typically required, either by reshaping or fusing these bones in a better position.

The 6th Annual ONSF Medical Education Conference will focus on treatment of musculoskeletal issues unique to females. Keynote speaker Joan Lunden, renowned author, journalist and TV host, will share her perspectives on women’s health.