Pre-Golf Outing Tee-Off Cocktail Party
Posted On: Friday, April 27, 2018

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, ONSF in conjunction with Greenwich Hospital held a pre Golf Outing "Tee-Off" Cocktail Party on Thursday evening, April 26th, for golfers, donors and sponsors.

Jill Talbot, Amy Sethi, Auction Chair, and Lisa Boots

The spectacular Miller Motorcars Ferrari and Maserati showroom was the perfect venue for the 90 guests who socialized while admiring the automobiles.  Horseneck Wines provided a wine tasting and other beverage selections. Golf Outing Co-Chairs, Dr. Michael Clain, Adam Ercoli, Rich Granoff and Vicki Leeds Tananbaum were joined by Cyndi and Richard Koppelman, ONSF President Dr. Paul Sethi and his wife, Amy, Norman Roth, President and CEO of Greenwich Hospital, Noel Appel, Vice President of the Greenwich Hospital Foundation, Casey and Barb McKee, John Gibbons, Board members Jeff Mendell, Joanna Schulman among others. 

Paul Sethi, MD, ONSF President

On June 11th, the ONSF 10th Anniversary event will take place at the Stanwich Club and provide an exceptional golf experience to benefit clinical research and medical education.  Just 10 years ago, the founders of ONSF presented a mission statement based on a three-part strategy – clinical research, education and community outreach - embracing a distinct goal to improve the care and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.  At the Outing, Frank Corvino, ONSF Board Member Emeritus, former CEO and President of Greenwich Hospital and CEO of Corvino & Corvino Consulting will be honored for his dedication to enhancing patient care and health services at Greenwich Hospital and for endorsing the goals of ONSF.

Norman Roth, President Greenwich Hospital, Susan Plant, ONSF Director, Paul Sethi, MD, President ONSF and Vicki Leeds Tananbaum, VP ONSF