ONSF Hosts Workshop for Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers
Posted On: Friday, March 20, 2015

ACL Injuries in Athletes: From Sideline Management to Postoperative Recovery and Rehabilitation

Drs. Delos and Sethi demonstrate surgical techniqueIn February, ONSF offered a course for physical therapists and athletic trainers in order to share current advances in ACL reconstruction and to achieve a better understanding of the recognition and diagnosis of the problem. Information included immediate treatment, pre-surgical principles, surgical considerations, and post-surgical care. The goal of this comprehensive course was to guide these professionals toward developing ideal methods for treating individuals with ACL tears.

A formal didactic session was followed by an open forum where the latest research in ACL surgery was discussed including choice of graft for reconstruction. Following the discussions, participants moved to the ONSF Research Lab for surgical demonstrations on cadavers using both hamstring and patellar tendon grafts. They also had an opportunity to use equipment in the Lab on a non-cadaveric surgical simulator. In an additional open forum, the best principles in rehabilitation were considered.

In order to provide a very intimate learning environment, the course was originally limited to 15 participants. The response to the announcement was overwhelming, and, therefore, ONSF expanded it to 3 sessions of 15 students each. Course instructors included Drs. James Cunningham, Demetris Delos, Tim Greene, Paul Sethi and Katie Vadasdi.

“The entire experience was amazing!” said one trainer in his note of appreciation. Another shared her thoughts in a letter,” It was a great review of the clinical anatomy and procedure, especially with the cadaver knee. Input from Drs. Delos and Cunningham, regarding surgical preference and rationale for choosing one technique over another was also very insightful.” Many other participants have requested additional presentations that are equally open-minded and extremely relevant. For medical professionals, hands on experiences are invaluable. ONSF takes pride in designing and presenting programs of this quality and will continue to do so.