ONS Foundation recieves Fluoroscopy X-ray from Greenwich Hospital for Research Laboratory
Posted On: Thursday, March 14, 2013

ONS Foundation President Paul Sethi, MD, Greenwich Hospital President and CEO Frank Corvino and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Greenwich Hospital  Brian J. Doran, M.D.

The ONS Foundation recently received a gift of a state-of-the-art fluoroscopy x-ray machine; a donation by Greenwich Hospital that will give researchers the ability to receive intra-operative x-ray images. “The addition of a fluoroscopy x-ray to the ONS Foundation Laboratory enhances our research and teaching capabilities in significant ways,” said ONS Foundation President Paul Sethi, MD. “For example, surgeons will be able to receive a live feed from inside a total knee replacement, so they may better understand how the knee is working in extremes of motion. Being able to visualize the movement allows us to understand the potential limitations of certain implants and to work on new ways to improve devices. We can also study joint motion mechanics and changes in mechanics that occur with soft tissue repairs. In the treatment of spine fractures, the C-arm may be used to see that the bones are aligned correctly, so screws and plates can be placed accurately.”

For teaching purposes, the fluoroscopy unit allows the Foundation Lab to duplicate the hospital operating room environment. For certain procedures, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons may now improve their minimally invasive surgical techniques using the C-arm to see inside the body with x-ray, instead of opening the skin and exposing other anatomy. “This is a very important and generous gift from Greenwich Hospital,” said Dr. Sethi.