ONS Foundation Along With NFL Alumni CT Chapter Hold Youth Sports Concussion Talk at Greenwich Library
Posted On: Thursday, November 21, 2013

On November 19th, 2013, the ONS Foundation and the NFL Alumni Connecticut Chapter came together to present a comprehensive program to raise awareness and educate parents and coaches of youth athletes about the signs and symptoms of concussion.  The program was a positive reassurance to parents and coaches that local programs are on top of safety issues to protect our youth.  A medical panel discussed various ways to recognize and treat concussion.

The seminar, entitled Youth Sports Concussion Awareness and Prevention was held in the Cole Auditorium of the Greenwich Library and was attended by approximately 110 parents, youth coaches and athletic trainers from all sports.  The medical panel included Paul Sethi, M.D. – Orthopaedic Surgeon and President of the ONS Foundation; Mark Camel, M.D. – Neurosurgeon and Patricia McDonough-Ryan, PH.D. – Pediatric Neuropsychologist.

Other presenters were Steve Thurlow, President, NFL Alumni CT Chapter and retired Running Back for the Redskins and Giants and Tim Hasselbeck, ESPN Analyst, retired NFL Quarterback and Greenwich Youth Football Coach.  Jim Loughran, Commissioner of the Greenwich Youth Football League, also contributed to the discussion making reference to the NFL’s Heads-up Program.

President of the NFL Alumni CT Chapter, Steve Thurlow. Time Hasselbeck, George Radachowsky and Casey McKee. ONS Physical Therapist, Pete Falla, Paul Sethi, MD and Steve Thurlow What a turnout! The Panel discussing the most frequently asked questions about Youth Concussions. Former NFL Quarterback, Tim Hasselbeck, President of the ONS Foundation and ONS Orthopaedic Surgeon, Paul Sethi, MD and Giants Team Physician, Russel F. "Doc" Warren, MD. Chris Thurlow, Tim Hasselback, Steve Thurlow and Jim Loughran Bill Cooke, Panel Speakers Tricia Ryan, PH.D. Steve Thurlow, President of the ONS Foundation, Paul Sethi, MD, Mark Camel, MD, and former NFL Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck