Conference Preview: Differences in Women’s Rehabilitation and Performance Training
Posted On: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ONS Physical Therapist Alicia Hirscht

ONS Physical Therapist Alicia Hirscht

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the 6th Annual ONSF Medical Education Conference on Saturday, November 8th. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, radiologists, sports medicine specialists, physiatrists and physical therapists will present topics related to treatment of musculoskeletal issues unique to females.

Speaker Alicia Hirscht, DPT, SCS, CSCS will present “What is Different about Rehabilitation and Performance Training in Women?”

“When you hear the term “performance training” you usually envision a young, fit athlete with no aches and pains, running with perfect form, the picture of health. When you hear the term “rehabilitation” you might envision older people on walkers recovering from a joint replacement or a stroke, not exactly a picture of athletic prowess.

There is actually more crossover in the fields of rehab and performance training than you might think. Perhaps your injury is from running, and your rehab consists primarily of high level exercises to get you back on the trails. Perhaps your rehab post- surgery has gone smoothly, but to get back to carrying your 30# toddler 15 times per day requires an advanced set of training.

Women across the age span, from generation Y2K to the baby boomer generation, are healthier and more knowledgeable than ever, expecting to be active well beyond their everyday activities. In this discussion, we will review all the popular terms in the exercise genre: physical therapy, personal training, performance therapy, functional training….the list goes on. We will discuss common injury prevention principles for the female patient and how to keep our moms, daughters and athletes out of rehab and performing to their optimal abilities.”

Keynote speaker Joan Lunden, renowned author, journalist and TV host, will share her perspectives on women’s health.